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Notes for those considering undergoing psychoanalysis
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Notes for those considering undergoing psychoanalysis
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Notes for those considering undergoing psychoanalysis

* Psychoanalysis (free association sessions on a couch, four times/week or more)
Feel free to contact the Tokyo or Fukuoka Psychoanalytic Center if you are interested in undergoing psychoanalysis. You can also directly contact member psychoanalysts. Please note the following before you take any steps.

•Be sure to first go to the web page on "Information: About Us". Carefully read the items: "What is Psychoanalysis?"; "Who Can Benefit from Psychoanalysis"; and "Who is a Psychoanalyst?"; and consider if the method will be appropriate to your needs.

•Please note that the Psychoanalytic Center caters to only those who are able to attend psychoanalysis by free association sessions on couches, four times a week or more, for a period of a few years or longer.

•The centers provide psychoanalysis sessions at low rates for those who wish to undergo psychoanalysis but do not have ample financial means at their disposal. Candidates who are training to be psychoanalysts will take on those treatments. They may be trainees but their ability as specialists is guaranteed, since they have long practiced psychotherapy.

•Please note that it may be found at the assessment interview that psychoanalysis will not be useful in your case.

*Psychoanalytic psychotherapy(usually face-to-face sessions, three times
per week or less)
If you would like to undergo psychoanalytic psychotherapy, directly contact
member psychoanalysts or psychoanalytic psychotherapists, since our
Psychoanalytic Center does not provide those services.

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