About us


President Kunihiro Matsuki

As the newly-elected president of Japan Psychoanalytic Society, taking over from Dr. Osamu Kitayama, I am pleased to welcome you to the JPS website.

The Japan Psychoanalytic Society is a professional and academic organization engaged in the practice and research of psychoanalysis, the training of psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists, and the application of psychoanalysis to other fields. We are members of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), which was founded by Sigmund Freud. Over its approximately 65-year history since its founding, as well as a history spanning close to 90 years if we counted our precursor organization, our Society has been contributing to the growth and development of psychoanalysis in Japan.

The JPS is now taking a significant step forward and is extending its progress in three new directions.
The first is international exchanges that contribute to psychoanalysis.
Besides giving academic presentations at international congresses hosted by the IPA, and posting articles in The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, we are seeing the growth of new forms of international exchanges in recent years.
The IPA Asia-Pacific Conference was held in Tokyo in 2018. As the host organization, we at the JPS welcomed psychoanalysts and psychotherapists from over twenty countries, and, together with the IPA, successfully organized our country’s first full-scale international psychoanalytic conference.
We also launched the yearly Japan-Korean Psychoanalytic Conference in 2016 with the Korean Psychoanalytic Study Group (IPA), and have continued to hold it ever since. In 2017, the Indo-Japanese Psychoanalytic Conference was held in Delhi, India. We also send invited lecturers to the Chinese Psychoanalytic Congress each year.
To better convey information on psychoanalysis in Japan to the rest of the world, prompted by these international exchanges, we have launched an online journal of English-language academic papers, The Journal of The Japan Psychoanalytic Society.

Our second direction is the fostering of psychoanalysts. The JPS has established a psychoanalysts’ training program that complies with the IPA’s international standards, as well as a training organization dedicated to meeting this goal. Clinicians such as psychiatrists and clinical psychologists already in possession of professional qualifications are offered valuable opportunities to further refine their expertise. The quality and rigor of the training have prompted a researcher in various professional qualifications to comment that it is the most intensive and advanced program he has ever encountered. Today, a system of training has been fully established at the JPS. Each year, we welcome psychoanalytic candidates who are beginning their training anew, and see the birth of new psychoanalysts.
In 2019, we established the JPS Allied Centre for Psychotherapists with the aim of making psychoanalytic contributions in an even broader range of areas. We will train and foster psychoanalytic psychotherapists who are capable of working actively in a wide variety of clinical fields.

Our third new direction is in connection with the recent developments seen in our clinical research and academic activities. Through scientific presentations based on standard psychoanalysis given at a variety of academic meetings held inside and outside Japan, as well as publication of papers and books, we are further broadening the study of psychoanalysis in our country.

It goes without saying that we aim to repay the beneficial results of these activities in a way that enhances the clinical practice of psychoanalysis. By taking over various projects that were implemented under the leadership of our previous president, Osamu Kitayama, and by steadily promoting them and making them rock solid, I hope to enrich our contributions to clinical psychoanalysis even further.

The JPS wishes to enhance the true mental health of all individuals. I am determined to conscientiously shoulder the profound responsibility of managing the operations of the JPS, whose aim is to realize the growth and development of psychoanalysis in Japan such that it can provide help to each and every person.